I'm a multimedia specialist who loves to work with video, motion & graphic design. Because of my outstanding and creative personality, I'm very adaptable and always looking to expand my knowledge. Btw, I born in Brazil, and moved to Portugal in 2000 to study. Now I live in Finland ;o)
Address: Honkapurontie 22, 80400 Ylamylly
Phone: +358 465682415
Email: adriana@arez.fi
Language Skills
Mother Language: Portuguese
Other Languages: English, Spanish, Finnish (learning)
ESaCT - School of Technology and Management
Portugal - (2005-2009)
Degree in Multimedia - Specialized in Audiovisual Techniques
Localvis√£o TV, Portugal - (2009-2010)
Camerawoman, production assistant & editor - Filming, editing,
writing & producing of reports, documentaries & promotion videos.
Wau.pt, Portugal - (2010-2011)
Graphic designer - Responsible for all graphical designings, writings,
translations and marketing materials for different media channels.
Freelance camerawoman & editor - Filming, editing, writing &
producing of documentaries, business & promotional videos.